Archie Kelly
Name Archie Kelly
Age 12
Gender Male
Actor Jake D. Smith
Film Appearance? Yes
Online Appearance? Yes
Book Appearance? Yes

Archer "Archie" Kelly was a kid who only appeared in the first book. He was one of the tree actors in the Wizard of Oz play in early December. He tripped over Rodney James and chipped a tooth during rehearsals, so Mrs. Norton allowed the trees to have arm holes. When Greg was in the play with Archie playing the trees, Manny yelled "Bubby!" which was actually meaning "brother" but Manny couldn't pronounce it well and said that instead. To not get teased, Greg redirected his name into Archie when an apple fell down from Archie's costume, he said "I think you dropped an apple, Bubby.", so everybody thought Manny was referring to Archie with it. Later on at school, some older kids teased him near his locker room, ending Greg's Bubby predicament.