The Barbie Dream House is a dollhouse that is mentioned by Greg Heffley in Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Greg wanted this toy for Christmas, because he thought it would make a good fort for his toy soldiers.

But his father Frank denied that, because he thought it wasn't a good toy for young boys, but his mother Susan thought it was a great idea, so the two started an argument. However, Frank won this time, telling him to start his wish list over and pick more "appropriate" toys for boys.

Consequently, Greg asked his Uncle Charlie for a Barbie Dream House, as he is known to get Greg "everything" he asks for. However, Charlie went and bought the first thing which had Barbie in it, this caused Greg to not get what he wished for (He got a Barbie doll, that he actually played with a couple times, which resulted in him getting a Barbie shoe stuck in his nose).



  • This is one of the few name brand items seen in the book series, the rest in the first book being Cheerios, Butterfingers, and a few other things.