The Body Blankie is a wearable blanket that Greg received for Christmas. It only appeared in the book Hard Luck when Greg mentions finding it in his mom Susan's closet.


  • Greg's and Rodrick's Body Blankies are packed in a box showing a person in the Body Blankie. It looks like a blanket in a body's shape and has stars and crescent moons made on it.



Before the events of Hard Luck, Greg Heffley received the Body Blankie for Christmas. He didn't want to wear it since he saw it advertised on TV, but he immediately changed his mind when he put it on, saying that it was like being in bed all day. Rodrick also received one, and he wouldn't even take his off so Susan could wash it. However, both Greg and Rodrick lost their Body Blankies after they slept during a church service. After Greg finds it in his mom's closet, he decides to wear it to school, but he regrets his decision as soon as he starts walking to school as physical activities in the Body Blankie is like being a penguin. He is not able to write properly or do jumping jacks properly in P.E. After P.E Greg decides to stop using the Body Blankie but could not do so as its zipper comes off the blankie and Greg presumably had to cut himself out of it. Due to his Body Blankie he dropped his Magic 8 Ball during an true or false exam making the teacher think it was a high-tech cheating device. After that it is never mentioned again.