Darren Walsh

Darren Walsh new

Darren Walsh

Name Darren Walsh (Darnell Washington Online)
Age 12
Gender Male
Actor Harrison Houde
Film Appearance? Yes
Online Appearance? Yes (as Darnell Washington)
Book Appearance? Yes

Darren Walsh was a minor character in the first book, the online version and film. He was apparently the "creator" of the cheese touch, after touching the moldy cheese with his finger. The kids start to run away in the movie, while Darren is doubting falsely that he says that he didn't touch it and lies. He hasn't been heard from since. He was seen on 198th position on the popularity list in the movie, this is quite logical as he was the starter of cheese touch. Not much is known about him.


In the movie, Darren has short, brown hair with brown eyes. He shows up in a flashback after Chirag tells the boys about the cheese touch and how it started. "One day, Darren touched the cheese". His finger enters the frame and hits the squishy cheese. Darren lies and cries. But he manages to pass it on to a girl in order to get rid of it for good.

In the book, he has a simplistic cartoon look like everybody else with four little strands of hair popping from his back and black shirt and white shorts.                                   

Online Book

Darren Walsh had the same role in this version, the only difference was that his name was Darnell Washington, it is unknown if he was Mr. Washington's son in the online version.


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