Diari del Greg: Un Pringat total
The Front Cover


Diari del Greg: Un Pringat total


Androrra, Spain, France, Italy, Argentina (loosely), Cuba (loosely) and USA (loosely).

Release Date


Diari del Greg: Un Pringat total it´s the Catalan version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, It is not published by Abram Books (Amulet Books) like the English version, Its published by Estrella polar, It Can be buyed in La casa del Libro, with another books like: The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary (spanish), Old School, Double Down,¡A por todas! (spanish castillian version of Double Down), Double Down (paper) Tot o Res (catalan version of Double Down), Hard Luck(erroneusly reperesented as Old School with Cd Audiobook ), Another Version of Double Down, The Long Haul, Portaremi a Casa! (Italian version of The Long Haul), So Ein Mist! (the German version of Old School) Pas de Bol! (French version of Hard Luck), Un loooong voyage! ((French version of The long Haul), CD version of Old School, other version of The Long Haul,Vieja Escuela (Spanish version of Old School), Vella Escola (Catalan version of Old School), Box of Books; other version of Old School and Etch Ubel! (German version of Hard Luck)

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