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This will be an animated TV special based on the fifth and sixth books, The Ugly Truth And Cabin Fever.


In December 2012, in the UK Premieres C.H. Greenblatt announced that the Dog Days film will be the last live-action film made with the original cast and that there will be a Cabin Fever animated clay stop-motion movie coming somewhere around Christmas 2013, however later in an interview C.H. Greenblatt stated it would come in late 2014. He also announced that The Ugly Truth will also be combined with this film. Zachary Gordon also announced that there won't be a fourth film. But then on March 28, 2016 Jeff Kinney announced that is will be a 1 hour special on TBS @ 9:00p.m. on November 18, 2016.

Watch The Trailer Below!


  1. Zachary Gordon As Greg Heffley
  2. Devon Bostick As Rodrick Heffley
  3. Connor and Owen Fielding As Manny Heffley
  4. Steve Zahn as Frank Heffley
  5. Rachael Harris As Susan Heffley
  6. Robert Capron As Rowley Jefferson
  7. Karan Brar As Chirag Gupta


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