Greg Heffley (headshot)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Class Clown is a three minute animated short released in 2012. The main plot of the short, is Greg trying to become the Class Clown.

It was also in the Dog Days DVD as a bonus feature.


Transcript (UNFINISHED)

  • Greg - OK, So last year My Best Friend, Rowley Jefferson got voted class clown.
  • Rowley- Zoo Wee Mama!
  • Greg - Well, I don't think i can take another voter do a recap whatever
  • Greg - Everyone knows the funniest kids at school,even my teachers will tell you that.
  • Mr. Worth - YOW!
  • Greg - That was all me!
  • Greg - well, at least most of my teachers would, a couple of Them don't seem to appreciate my sense of humor.
  • Teacher - Greg Heffley, could you come to the front of the room and do the problem?
  • Greg - Yo mama!
  • Teacher- Excuse me?
  • Greg - Yo slap-Pappy Grandpappy!
  • Teacher - Well i hardly think that's-
  • Greg - Yo Big-Fanny Grandnanny!
  • *Kids laugh*
  • Teacher groans*
  • Mr. Ray - *clears throat*
  • Greg - OK,so maybe not just on the same wheel.
  • Whistle sound*
  • Mr. Litch - Get your butts back on the field!
  • Mackey & Manuel - *Laugh*
  • Mr. Litch - *fake laugh*
  • Greg - *grunting*
  • Mr. Litch - *facepalm* Unbelievable...
  • Greg - But my classmates can. And that all counts, because.. They're the ones doing the voting.
  • Kid - Watchya doin'?
  • Greg - Eatin' Chocolate.
  • Kid - Where'd ya get it?
  • Greg - a Doggie dropped it!
  • Kids - *laugh*
  • Greg - I Came up with that one too!
  • Girl - You're disgusting!


Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 3- Class Clown03:07

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 3- Class Clown

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