Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Class Clown is a three minute animated short released in 2012. The main plot of the short, is Greg trying to become the Class Clown, but Rowley ends up winning.

It was also in the Dog Days DVD as a bonus feature.


Transcript (UNFINISHED)

  • Greg - OK, So last year My Best Friend, Rowley Jefferson got voted class clown.
  • Rowley- Zoo Wee Mama!
  • Greg - Well, I don't think I can take another voter or do a recap, whatever
  • Greg - Everyone knows the funniest kids at school, even my teachers will tell you that.
  • Mr. Worth - YOW!
  • Greg - That was all me!
  • Greg - Well, at least most of my teachers would, a couple of them don't seem to appreciate my sense of humor.
  • Teacher - Greg Heffley, could you come to the front of the room and do the problem?
  • Greg - Yo mama!
  • Teacher- Excuse me?
  • Greg - Yo Slap-Pappy Grandpappy!
  • Teacher - Well I hardly think that's-
  • Greg - Yo Big-Fanny Grandnanny!
  • *Kids laugh*
  • Teacher groans*
  • Mr. Ray - *clears throat*
  • Greg - OK, so maybe not just on the same wheel.
  • Whistle sound*
  • Mr. Litch - Get your butts back on the field!
  • Mackey & Manuel - *Laugh*
  • Mr. Litch - *fake laugh*
  • Greg - *grunting*
  • Mr. Litch - *facepalm* Unbelievable...
  • Greg - But my classmates can. And that all counts, because.. They're the ones doing the voting.
  • Kid - Watchya doin'?
  • Greg - Eatin' Chocolate.
  • Kid - Where'd ya get it?
  • Greg - a Doggie dropped it!
  • Kids - *laugh*
  • Greg - I Came up with that one too!
  • Girl - You're disgusting!
  • Greg - Well, if there's one person who knows how funny I am, It's Rowley.
  • Greg - I play a billion pranks on him. *Greg laughs*
  • Greg - I taught him everything about comfort.
  • Greg - A game I taught him is that timing is everywhere.
  • Mr. Jefferson - W- Woah!


Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 3- Class Clown

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 3- Class Clown