Diary of a Wimpy Kid Online is the original version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid that is found on It was published in 2004 and added new pages until 2005. The books are based on the online book and are also written by Jeff Kinney. One difference is that the artwork is different to the books.

The first ever artwork of the online book was made in 1998 and by 2004 Jeff Kinney uploaded it, he had made many strips, but only few made the cut.

Differences Between the Online and the Book Series

See Differences of the Internet book and Book Series.

Synopsis (WIP)


Day 1

A 7th grader named Greg Heffley is starting The school year. He starts the book by saying that he won't be writing his feelings in the diary, preferring to call it a journal instead. Greg says that Rodrick Heffley,his brother has to scrub toilets if he wrote in that diary, so Greg try's to be very careful with his diary. Greg then says that the only reason he agreed to get a journal was so when he becomes rich and famous, he'll give the diary to the reporters rather than answering questions about his childhood. He then reveals that it is his first day of middle school.and tells the reader that they better be careful when choosing a seat, because the teacher may say that your seats are permanent. Stuck with Chris Hosey in front of him and Lionel James behind him, Greg says that Otha Harris came in late and almost sat to his right, but Greg stopped it from happening. Greg says that next time he's just going to sit down in the middle of a bunch of "hot girls", but ponders his decision, saying girls are complicated. In homeroom, he got stuck with a teacher that had Rodrick a few years back.

Day 2

Greg is woken up by Rodrick saying its his first day of Middle School and he's late. Greg goes downstairs and gets his clothes on, but Frank catches Greg eating Cheerios at 3 AM. Greg tells him Rodrick tricked him. But Rodrick is asleep in his room and Greg thinks Frank thought he was a idiot and liar.

Day 3

Greg describes about that Alex Aruda and Larry Ziegel that are smart Kids. He can only think of one kid who broke the last name rule and that's Peter Uteger. Greg's younger brother, Manny writes on Greg's door with a marker and his parents defend him. Rodrick stopped letting Greg sell chocolate bars for a School Fundraiser. Greg also describes about Manny calling him "Bubby" and keeping that nickname for 5 years.

Day 4

Greg finds a piece of cheese on the ground at the basketball court and thinks it dropped out of someone's sandwich. However Darnell Washington tripped and fell and brushed the Cheese with his Finger and started the Cheese touch. Protecting yourself from the cheese touch is crossing your Fingers. Greg taped his fingers but ended up getting a D In handwriting.

Day 5

Greg says about Frank waking up at 6 AM vacuuming. Frank sees the baddest teenager in their Neighborhood, Lenwood Heath. Greg described Lenwood's parents sent him off to military academy in Pennsylvania. The sun also goes through the sliding glass door and that's hard when Greg watches TV. Rowley from Ohio, says "Wanna come over to my house and Play?". Greg tries to become friends with Rowley when Greg's best friend, Ben moves to Piscataway.

Day 6

Frank runs into Mr. Swann at church and Mr. Swann tells Frank all about Bishop Garrigan. However, Greg hates it cause it's all boys. Mr. Swann has 3 kids who are the same ages as the Heffley children, and Frank's carpool passes by their house every night.

Day 7

Greg wakes up and think its still summer vacation.

Characters (In order of appearances, WIP)


  • Many characters have different names than there series counterparts, such as Marcus Woodley being called Chip Newson.
  • The book likely takes place in New Jersey, since it says that Greg's best friend, Ben, is moving to Piscataway, which is a town that, in real life, is only in New Jersey. It also has Shop and Stop, later changed to Home Depot in the book, which means it is likely somewhere in the East Coast. However, both have been changed in the book.
  • The book mostly has the same plot as the third book, with at least Spag Union turned into Bishop Garrigan & the same 4-paged report about chimps.


  • When Mr. Underwood tells Greg he's paired up with Stinky, he calls him "Fregley"
  • On Day 2, after Greg says that his dad, Frank Heffley, went downstairs because Greg ate Cheerios at 3 am from a prank by Rodrick, in the sentence "I don't know which is worse, getting yelled at our house or having to see your father in his underwear.", it is said as " getting yelled at our having to see your father"
  • On Day 4, there's a sentence that started with the word "Nobody", only it's spelled "Nodoby"
  • After Ann told Gramma where she got the tabloids,in the sentence "Mom found where Gramma was stashing the tabloids",the word "the" is spelt as "he"
  • On Day 34, St. Peters is referred as "Saint Patricks"
  • At the last sentence on page 257, the word "about" is spelled "aout"
  • On page 386, the dot (.) was next to “E”
  • Greg say “Pappy” on page 387 except Gampa/Grandpa
  • On page 603, the word bubble was point the wrong way
  • On page 394,"words" is spelled "wordsl".