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Welcome to the diary of a wimpy kid wiki! It is written by Jeff Kinney to show what happened during the days in the book. It is also a series of realistic-fiction books.


The Main Protagonist:Greg Heffley

Main Character 1: Rowley Jefferson

Main Character 2: Susan Heffley

Main Character 3:Frank Heffley

Main Character 4:Holly Hills

Main Character 5: Sweetie

Main Character 6: Chirag Gupta

Main Character 7:Fregley

Main Character 8:Darren Walsh

Main Character 9:Coach Malone

Main Character 10:Angie Steadman

The Main Antagonist:Rodrick Heffley

Minor Antagonist 1:Patty Farrel

Minor Antagonist 2:Manny Heffley

Minor Antagonist 3:Dr. Salazar Kagan

Minor Antagonist 4:Bryce Anderson

Minor Antagonist 5:Robert Jefferson

Minor Antagonist 6:Bill Walter

Minor Antagonist 7:Bryce's Goon 2

Minor Antagonist 8:Collin Lee

Minor Antagonist 9:Leon Ricket

Minor Antagonist 10:Heather Hills

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