Diper Overlöde is a song by Rodrick Heffley. Its lyrics are in the Do-It-Yourself book.


We're coming through your speakers Runnin' through your town We're pourin' through your headphones And your eyes are turnin' brown.
We're pumpin' up the volume And we can't be stopped! Your brains are leakin' out your ears Your head's about to pop.
This is a Diper! A Diper Overlöde. And you better run for cover 'Cause we're'bout to explode.
Said it's a Diper! A Diper Overlöde And your mother's gonna shudder When the Diper hits the road.
Yes, it's a Diper! A Diper Overlöde. And you ain't been this covered since the last time it snowed.