Eugene Ellis
Name Eugene Ellis
Age Unknown, possibly 11-13
Gender Male
Actor None
Film Appearance? No
Online Appearance? No
Book Appearance? Yes

Eugene Ellis is the president of the Student Council as of The Third Wheel. His speech was that if he was elected as president, he would replace all the school's toilet papers with Pillow-Soft Ultra toilet paper. He did not hand out lollipops or post posters to buy votes, so children didn't take his speech seriously at first. However, after his speech (which according to Greg was only 30 seconds long), the children realized that they have problems with the toilet paper in the bathrooms so they voted for him and therefore he became the president. However, when he won, Mrs. Birch said that it would be too expensive to stock all toilets with expensive toilet paper, but Javan Hill found the teachers using the expensive kind. As a result, Mrs. Birch sets up a plan where kids can bring their own toilet paper, though this is short lived since the school starts limiting the amount to five squares.


  • He could be the brother of Peyton Ellis since they both have the same last name.


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