Evan Whitehead
Evan Whitehead had a chicken pox that he infected six unknown girls
Name Evan Whitehead
Age 12
Gender Male
Actor None
Film Appearance? No
Online Appearance? No
Book Appearance? Yes

Evan Whitehead is a kid who brags that he has kissed many different girls in Greg's grade. He started the chicken pox epidemic at Greg's school, and infected four boys before he was sent home by the school. It was also rumored that he infected some girls. He only appeared in The Third Wheel. According to Greg, Julie Webber is hanging out with Ed Norwell but their relationship is shaky and he is the one who never kissed Julie Webber. It was later he showed up at Greg's school with a chicken pox a few weeks ago, he said that it was spreading like wildfire in his class, which lead four of the boys gotten the chicken pox that was infected from him and they have been sent home by the school nurse. Greg says that the Mad Pantser might have infected with chicken pox, because there hasn't been any pantsing incidents since Tuesday.


  • He might have a Welsh or English heritage due to his name. Evan is a common Welsh name, while Whitehead is a British surname.
  • It is unknown which boys he infected with chicken pox or if the rumors that he infected some girls is true.



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