This is the page were you can request to be the next featured user. A new featured user is picked about once every month.


Note: The guidelines exist to not allow a spam account to be featured

To become or even be considered for the next featured user you must meet the following guidelines:

  • Have at least 200 edits
  • Have no bans longer than an hour on your account for this wiki
  • Edit at least once every day for 7 days in a row
  • Have edited on this wiki within 30 days of the next vote for featured user (a new featured user is usually voted on about 1 month after the day the latest featured user was featured)

Open Requests

Below, put your name and optionally a short message, that is suggested but not required to be about why you should be in the next vote for featured user, or become the next featured user

Archived requests

If a user doesn't meet the guidelines and there request has been in the open requests section for a while or hasn't edited within 30 days of the next vote, there request should be moved to this section

Closed requests

Requests of users who either didn't meet the guidelines, have been put in a featured user vote and do not want to be in the next vote, have been featured or do not want to be in the next vote but still want there request to remain on this page should go in this section

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