Gammie Heffley
Gammie Heffley
Name Gammie Heffley
Age 95
Gender Female
Actor Unknown
Film Appearance? Yes
Online Appearance? No
Book Appearance? Yes

Gammie Heffley is GregRodrick and Manny's 95 year old paternal great-grandmother and is Grandpa, Arthur Heffley, Reba Heffley, and Loretta Heffley's mother, more likely younger brother. She is the oldest living member of the Heffley family and the widow of Chester Heffley. She has only appeared in The Ugly Truth, but had a major role in the story. She has a lot of wisdom, and traditionally gives "The Talk" to her older grandchildren and great-grandchildren on the edge of becoming teenagers. Gammie likes visitors as she often makes meals for them. Her furniture is also very valuable, and people often leave notes with their names on her possessions, so they can get it when Gammie dies. Her last appearance in the book is when she gives "The Talk" to Greg about how he shouldn't be too excited about growing up, but Greg leaves after she pulls up her leg to show Greg medical conditions older people can get. In Cabin Fever, it was mentioned that she gave Susan Heffley a spoon carousel.