Girls Rule! was a comic made by two girls named Tabitha Cutter and Lisa Russel that Greg Heffley found and read. The comics shows two girls, based off of the authors themselves, saying "Girls Rule!" after a boy trips. There was also a Girls Rule comic in the Do-It-Yourself Book. Greg deemed this comic inferior to his own and listed it under a section of the book where he posted comics that would most likely fail against his.

First Comic

In the first comic takes place in a cafeteria. A boy named Tyler Green starts walking near two girls, the two girls keep saying he is not cute and he falls down, then they say "Girls Rule!".

Second Comic

In the second comic, the girls are sitting near the school wall and meet with Amanda who asks if she can sit with them.The girls reply negatively because she didn't had a phone and wore the same earrings from the day before.Just then a ball hits Amanda, two boys come and tell her to throw their ball back at them, Tabitha gets up and throws the ball at the boys stomach hurting him.The three of them hold hands together and say "Girls Rule!".


  • It is possible (and most likely) that the reason this comic was rejected was either it was too much on feminism or it was sexist since it mostly concentrates on misandry.

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