Greg Heffley has recieved 3 detentions that we know of. These occurred in The Last Straw, Class Clown, & The Third Wheel.

List Of Detentions

  • 1st Detention: For sleeping in class in The Last Straw.
  • 2nd Detention: For being disrespectful to a teacher in the Class Clown short.
  • 3rd Detention: For selling a fake elevator pass to a 6th grader. Greg himself bought the pass on his first day in middle school. This happened in The Third Wheel.

Teachers Who Gave Greg Detention


  • Due to having three detentions, Greg can no longer run for student council.
  • Greg got in trouble at school in Cabin Fever for defacing school property; however he never received a detention.
  • Mr. Ray monitored Greg’s first and second detention. It is unknown who monitored his third.