Greg and Rowley's Haunted House was made by them in the first book and the online version. It was proven to be a failure.

Alleys (though only the Hall of Screams and Lake of Blood was done)

  • Hall of Screams
  • Lake of Blood
  • Bottomless Pit
  • Rat Tunnel
  • Maze of 1,000 Skulls
  • Knife Alley
  • Hand Hall
  • Acid Lake



  • In the game Little Big Planet, the Haunted House was made as a level lots of times.

How the Haunted House turned out

Greg and Rowley came up with awesome ideas, by which they could illustrate and make it look like what is is supposed to be. Unfortunately, they only had 30 minutes to do it, so the whole thing turned out to be a total typo for the children who came. Also Shane Snella got frightened of the Hall of Screams and hid in the middle. Just then, Rowley's dad came down the stairs into the basement. Greg thought he could help them, but Greg was wrong, because he mentioned the haunted house and he made all the children leave. Luckily, Greg and Rowley still had their $2.