Hills Family is the family of Holly and Heather Hills, its the book counterpart of the Matthews FamilyMr. Hills only appears in the Dog Days film, very less is known about this family. In the Dog Days movie the family is a member of community pool and Heather is a lifeguard there but in the book the family isn't a member of the pool but Heather is still a lifeguard.

Known Members of Family

  • Mr. Hills- Husband of Mrs. Hills, Father of Hills daughters. Movie exclusive.
  • Mrs. Hills- Wife of Mr. Hills, Mother of Hills Daughters.
  • Heather Hills- Eldest daughter. In the books she is a senior in high school but in the movies, she is nearly sixteen.
  • Holly Hills- Middle Daughter, in the same grade and about the same age as Greg.
  • Hanna Hills (mentioned in the film Rodrick Rules)- the youngest daughter about the age of Manny. Movie exclusive.