Greg Heffley (headshot)

New Greg Heffley actor

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Jason Drucker


September 20, 2005 (age 12) in Hollywood, Florida, United States

Occupation Actor (voice and live-action)
Active  2014-Present
Role Greg Heffley (2016-Present)


4'5" (1.35 m)

Jason Drucker played Greg in the movie The Long Haul. He was born on 20th September 2005. He also played Nickelodeon's Every Witch Way. He also starred in a movie with Dove Cameron. He had long,curly hair which was his natural hairstyle. But he was playing Greg Heffley, so his hair had to be straightened. Owen A. was playing Rowley, Greg's friend. In the movie diary, the original Greg was holding scissors to snip his hair, which he gulped.