Jerome the Man with Incredibly Red Lips was a comic and TV series written by Greg Heffley. It was featured in the complete Diary of a Wimpy Kid online book but only appeared in the Do-It-Yourself Book in the book series. It is about a man named Jerome who has unnaturally red lips and is harassed or gets in trouble because of it.

The character, Jerome is the only object or person in any of the books to have a color other then just white or black.


The comic consists of 3 panels, each in a different location with different problems. In the first panel, Jerome is at the gym and another guy thinks he has lipstick on and harasses him. In the second panel, he is at his boss' house for dinner, and the boss thinks Jerome is kissing his wife because of his red lips. Jerome says he didn't but his boss fires him. The third panel is at his new job, and the boss says "I'm gonna KILL whoever drank the rest of my cherry Kool-Aid!" and Jerome says "Uh-oh!", possibly implying why he has red lips. But, in the third strip in the online version, the name is "Roommate Rage" and the comic is the same, but only difference is that Jerome has a roommate other then a boss.


  • In the old version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book, Jerome's mouth isn't red, but is black and white like all other people.
  • Jerome's eye color is shown to blue. He is also one of the few characters whose eyes are always shown as something besides simple dots.