Löded Diper
Löded Diper
Löded Diper

Löded Diper is an American heavy metal band, founded by Rodrick Heffley, a high school junior. The band was officially formed when Rodrick found a yearbook category, "Most Likely To Be a Rockstar", which brought lead guitarist Bill Walter. The band has four members, with Rodrick's friend, Ward, as the security guard of the band. The name is meant to be "Loaded diaper", and was spelt wrong either because Rodrick wanted to make the name look cooler or because Rodrick does not know how to spell it correctly.

Band Members

  • Bill Walter - Lead guitarist, an unemployed slacker who still lives with his parents. Sacked in the Rodrick Rules film. In the Rodrick Rules book, he's also the singer of the band.
  • Ben Segal - Lead singer, also guitarist in Rodrick Rules film. He plays the drums for the show at Heather Hills' birthday as Rodrick chose to do lead vocals to impress Heather.
  • Chris - Bassist of the band, unnamed in the books and online versions.
  • Ward - Bodyguard of the band.



  • Greg and Frank really dislike Löded Diper's music
  • According to The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary, Löded Diper was originally called "Diaper Whip". Diaper Whip is also a game Fregley mentions to play in Do-It-Yourself.
  • In the film adoption of Rodrick Rules, Bill Walter tries to sack Rodrick and hire another drummer, which gets both of them in a fight.
  • In both Rodrick Rules film and book it is stated that Löded Diper has gone viral after the video of Susan, but in the later books there is no mention of this and it is said Rodrick is still trying to get attention for his band.
  • Rodrick's drum set is set up very unusual, as in the books he is shown to have no hi-hat and 2 snares. However, this is only a drawing by Greg
  • The band's guitars usually only have 3 or 5 strings in the books but this is because of Greg's drawing.
  • In an indirect mention in The Long Haul, Rodrick mentions that he and three of his bandmates toilet-papered Mrs. Tuttle house.
    • The four possible members could be: Rodrick himself, Ward, Bill and Chris as they are the only ones that appear in the books.
  • It is likely that the name of the band is a reference to Def Leppard. As in both names, the third letter in the correct spelling is missing (Def Leppard = Deaf Leopard and Löded Diper = Loaded Diaper)
  • In the Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (film), Rodrick trades places with Ben on lead vocals as the former wants to win Heather's affections. Heather is dismayed about the band not wearing tuxedos and reacts in anger when the band goes hardcore, especially when Rodrick tries to hold her hand and she resists in disgust. When Rodrick accidentally knocks an ice sculpture of Heather, the latter loses her temper and she tries to beat him with a microphone stand but Rodrick dodges and hits a chocolate fountain instead, splashing chocolate over everyone. Rodrick attempts to console her but they slip from the spilled chocolate.
  • In both the Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Rodrick Rules films the band practices in the garage instead of the attic.
  • The names of Bill and Ward may be a reference to Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward.