Greg Heffley (headshot)

This page is for the characters who only appeared in the online book. Add more characters if there are any missing. 

Image Name Description
Mitchell Sherman Mitchell


He tap danced at the Valentines Dance when "Supercalifragilistic" came on, however he was knocked out by Guys from the Football Team.
Giles Hugglestone Giles


He was Greg's Lab Partner during the Invisible Chirag Joke. He was replaced with Bethany Breen in the book.

Ralph Radner

He found a Hockey Puck on a sidewalk and spent an hour tried to open it. He is also in Mrs. Bunn's Class

Dwight Harrington              

He was the one who cheated during the test and peeking at Greg's answer. But he noticed him and took sabotaged by writing his wrong answer to him while he copies the answer from Greg.



is a teenager in Greg's soccer and football team who appeared only in the online version despite being 16 years old. He once got caught driving to the game, which started a fight between Mr. Keith and other coaches. The other coaches also kept asking for his birth certificate which would delay the game.

Ben Fielders (Online Book)

Ben Fielders              

Is a Character who was Greg's best friend but moved out. He returns and even tells Greg about an embarrassing thing that happened to Piper Matthews (Holly Hills' Online Version), but it turned out to be a fib, and he just said them to get Greg away from her, because she is shown as his girlfriend, so in revenge, Greg gets him in trouble by saying something bad that he and Ben did together at the church.


Ms. Jordan              

Is Greg's english teacher. One day, she thinks someone stole her dictionary and leaves Patty in charge and the next day, Patty is sick and puts Alex Aruda in charge. It turns out he took her dictionary to learn words for a state spelling bee and Corey Lamb who took the book too put it on the table was mistaken as the thief when she walked in the room.


Louis Reamer              

Is a kid in Greg's class. He acts like a Class Clown and Greg thinks he'll run away with the title for being a smart aleck.



is Grandpa's girlfriend. She has cheetah skinned underwear and once left it on chair causing Susan to believe Frank's having an affair with another woman. However when Maurlene and Grandpa came over for brunch, she said "I've been looking everywhere for those!". Frank thought he was off the hook, but Susan wasn't happy, cause she now knew Maurlene spent a weekend sleeping in her bed.


Uncle Clyde              

was Greg Heffley's great-uncle who only appeared in the online book, he was replaced by Arthur Heffley in the book series. He doesn't appears to say any words but mutter noises like "Muurp" "Ruup". This confuses Greg because he doesn't know if he is really meaning something or not, just like Arthur Heffley. He stayed at the Heffley's house for two days on Thanksgiving.