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This is the list of all Restaurants in the Wimpy Kid Series.


See Corny's

A picture of Corny's when Rowley's tie was cut, because they don't allow ties in the restaurant. If they catch you with a tie on, it is cut and forever displayed on the Wall of Shame near the entrance.


Spriggo's was a fancy restaurant that appeared in The Third WheelGreg thought of taking Rowley and Abigail there. But when they got their,the host said that the gentlemen had to wear jackets, Greg had left his jacket behind as it was dirty so he took a substitute one, but it stunk so he left it behind and was forced to go to Corny's.

Papa Tony's

See Papa Tony's

Chuck E Cheese

See Chuck E Cheese

Red Lobster

Red Lobster is a restaurant which only appeared in the online book, its also Frank's favourite resturant. It is a seafood restaurant because of its name. It's also a real life sea-food restaurant.

Unknown Fast Food Restaurant

This was an unknown fast food restaurant the Red Socks team went to, and in the online book the restaurant is referred to as "McDonalds" but its name was changed in the book, most likely to avoid copyright.

Tofu Grille

This restaurant was mentioned in the online version.[1]. It must be a tofu restaurant because the restaurant has "tofu" in its name.

The Vegetarian's Delight

This was a restaurant mentioned in the online version along with Tofu Grille and Red Lobster. Judging by the name, it is a vegetarian restaurant.

Chez Henri

A restaurant shown in The Long Haul, due its name its likely it serves French cuisine. Greg imagines himself turning into a were-pig while going here with a date after being bitten by the pig.

Fried Chicken Restaurant

A restaurant shown in The Long Haul. The Heffley family come here in the middle of the night, only the drive-thru was open and they only had 3 dollars 15 cents, so they bought a small box of nuggets and a handful of barbacue packets, which they later divided up and ate inside the car (Except they saved a few barbacue packets, which were later eaten by Manny.

Old-Timey Ice Cream Parlour

See Old-Timey Ice Cream Parlour


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