This is a list of schools in the Wimpy Kid series.

Westmore Middle School

Greg's middle school. See Westmore Middle School

Crossland High School

see Crossland High School

Tender Cuddles Preschool

Tender Cuddles is a pre-school on a bumper sticker on the back of Greg's Mom's car, that was either Greg's Preschool's name or it was a pre-school Rodrick graduated from; it can't be Manny as Manny is still in pre-school.

Greg's Preschool

Greg's Preschool was a local preschool the Greg Heffley and presumably Rodrick Heffley and Manny Heffley went to. However, in The Last Straw, Susan had a bumper sticker that said "My Child is a graduate of TenderCuddles Pre-School" hinting that it might be the name of Greg's pre-school.

Saint Peters

St. Peters is a school mentioned only in the online book, Greg's crush Piper Matthew goes to that school and also his old best friend Ben Fielders.

On day 34 it is mistakenly called "St. Patricks".

Manny's Pre-schools

In The Last Straw it is mentioned that Manny was in his 3rd or 4th pre-school.In Cabin Fever it is said that Manny's pre-school makes all kids wear bicycle helmets during soccer/football matches. In Hard Luck it is mentioned Manny has a friend called Mikey who comes home with and watches TV with.