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Manny Heffley



Name Manny Heffley
Age 3-6 [1]
Gender Male
Actor Connor and Owen Fielding
Film Appearance? Yes
Online Appearance? Yes
Book Appearance? Yes

--Manny Heffley, said as an abusive word to Greg
--Manny Heffley, the way Manny says brother

Manny Heffley is Greg and Rodrick's younger brother, and is a minor antagonist in most of the series as well as the major antagonist for the second half . In the movie, he is played by twins Connor and Owen Fielding. Manny is loosely based Pat Kinney, Jeff Kinney's younger brother.[confirmation needed]


Manny Heffley is thought by Greg to be evil and overly spoiled by his parents. Greg believes that his parents treat Manny like a prince; he always gets out of trouble, and gets whatever he wants by showing cute or troubled looks or crying. This always makes Greg unhappy because he, nor his brother Rodrick, has ever gotten as many privileges as Manny. Manny can't seem to get the concept of potty training; this is mainly because of Uncle Joe (Greg in the film) telling him to watch out for the Potty Monster, which prevented him from ever stepping into the bathroom for six months. According to the first book, Manny is a fan of the television show Sesame Street, especially the C is for Cookie sketch. He also watches a show called "The Snurples", which according to a newspaper sets kids back in social skills and language development ( Manny starts speaking gibberish). Manny has shown that this is true- he has no real friends and never plays with other kids in playgroups, but has imaginary ones and uses these to get out of trouble and get extra food. Despite his seemingly airheaded exterior, Manny has shown that he can be very cunning and intelligent for his age in unexpected ways. When Susan let him play on Greg's Net Kritterz account, he figured out how to sell all of his brother's items and change his password. He has also locked out the entire family from watching any TV shows except for his personal favorite cartoons.

Manny has also been characterized as extremely uncaring and holds powerful grudges that has endangered the family on multiple occasions. One of these is shown in Cabin Fever, where he shuts off all the lights as well as the air conditioning to every room except his own just because he wasn't taught how to tie his shoes. This caused the entire family to suffer in cold weather and starvation until Greg finally discovered the scandal.

Manny's unusual personality can however significantly help the Heffley family as a whole. Manny can speak spanish properly, and that's just from listening to hours of spanish-english wordbook-CDs that his mother bought from a local store. He also a extreme ability of learning new things and abilities, which again, is shown when he learns to speak proper spanish after just a few hours.

The fact Manny is able to learn perfect Spanish, change Greg's password, the parental lock, and kill all the lights except for his room is quite surprising for a child his age, meaning he is quite intelligent.


Greg's illustrations depict Manny having an overbite and his teeth being spaced far apart. He looks like "a bucktoothed alligator", according to the movie diary. Manny is always depicted with a white shirt and colored shorts. Much like Greg, he has protruded hair, with three lines sticking out. Manny is about the size of a letter in Greg's journal.


  • It is possible that Manny is autistic and handicapped, due to Manny not interacting with other kids even when his mother tries to get him to do so and weird behaviors such as eating half a canister of fish food in Dog Days and getting defensive when he does something wrong. However, this has yet to be confirmed because this can change in the future books.
  • Manny appears to be more spoiled in Cabin Fever then he is in other books.
  • Manny is known to break, spoil or sell Greg's things.
  • He is one of the smallest character in the Wimpy Kid series as he is only smaller than his father's and his mother's head.
  • In the first book, after he yells 'Bubby' at Greg on the stage, Greg says he's been able to keep that nickname quiet for 5 years, meaning Manny must be at least 6, but his size and behaviour contradict him from being 6. There is another contradiction in Rodrick Rules, where it says that he was 3, and again in The Last Straw, where it says Manny has been held back from preschool three or four times.
  • In the online version, Manny is allergic to peaches. Greg also mentions this in The Ugly Truth.
  • Manny is favoured by Susan Heffley and Gramma.
  • The only members of the family who do not appear to like him are Aunt Cakey, Greg Heffley and Rodrick Heffley.
  • Manny serves as the main antagonist of Cabin Fever.
  • Manny is quite smart as he knew how to change password in Net Kritterz so Greg can't log back in and also in The Long Haul he can be seen speaking perfect spanish to some men who didn't know english,this is quite surprising since Susan made every member listen to spanish and Greg even learnt some at middle school but were unable to communicate and Manny adapted much faster to the language.
  • Manny loves Bitter Apple Spray, so he probably likes sour food.


  1. Manny should be at least 4 in the book series because in The Ugly Truth Greg explains that Manny was born when he was eight or nine. In Rodrick Rules, Manny says he is 3, but in the first book Greg says that he was trying to keep the name bubby a secret for 5 years meaning Manny has to be likely 6 since most children start speaking at the age of 1.


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