Meckley Mingo

Meckley Mingo

Name Meckley Mingo
Age 13-14
Gender Male
Actor None
Film Appearance? No
Online Appearance? No
Book Appearance? Yes

Meckley Mingo is one of the Mingo kids, as well as being the leader. He is a minor antagonist in the 8th book, Hard Luck. He has only been shown personally one time at the end of the book, chasing Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson. His belt also appears in the first page.


  • Meckley, as described by Greg, "always wears a tank top and a belt with a metal buckle." His stature is noticed while he is chasing Greg and Rowley, he appears to be quiet tall and looks overweight.


  • Not much is known about Meckley, but he is most likely cruel and short-tempered.


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