The Mom Bucks were playmoney that Susan created that are seen in Rodrick Rules, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Online and Rodrick Rules the movie.


Book and Online Book:

Mom Bucks is actually game money. The idea of Mom Bucks was that if Greg and Rodrick did chores, Susan would give them Mom Bucks instead of money. One Mom Buck was worth only a penny. This was made because the two kept hitting her for money. After Greg did the Mom Bucks Trick, Susan shut down Mom Bucks.

Rodrick Rules movie:

In the Rodrick Rules (film) Susan created mom bucks to make Rodrick and Greg be nicer to each other. She would give them each a mom buck for every hour they did not be mean to each other. They could trade in 1 mom buck for 1 dollar.(US Dollar).

Greg's Mom Buck Trick

One Day Greg was up at Rowley's house (Collin's House in the Online Version) playing some board games (Zoopoly in the online book), when he found some play money sticking out which was the same type used for Mom Bucks, so when Rowley went to the bathroom he stuffed all of them inside his sweater and his bag. When he got back he stuffed them under his bed and found they were about 100,000 of them. One Day, Greg's teacher announced that they will be doing a poem based on the early 1900s. Greg asked Frank for help, but Frank didn't help him, Rodrick made a deal that if Greg pays him some mom bucks he will lend his paper, Greg wanted it because Frank always helped Rodrick in doing the work and it was in a plastic binder. So, Greg disagreed the offer and went to computer room to do some research on the computer, but just then the power went off. Greg asked Rodrick to give it, but Rodrick increased his price and when Greg would disagree he would increase. So Greg took all of his ten thousand mom bucks and payed it to Rodrick and got his paper. But then at school Greg noticed the paper was in Rodrick's handwriting and Frank didn't help Rodrick in doing that and Rodrick's poem was unlogical. So when Greg got home, Rodrick had gave all the mom bucks to Susan so he could get money to buy a motorcycle, but Susan was puzzled and Rodrick told her where he got it from Greg. Susan got angry with Greg and punished him by making him clean the whole garage.