Papa Tony's is a restaurant that appeared only in Cabin Fever. It is run by Papa Tony (whose real name is unknown). The restaurant makes and sells pizza. In the book, Greg and Rowley needed his advertisement for their newspaper, The Neighborhood Tattler. However, he gave them a small one. Greg got steamed, and wrote how he dislikes Papa Tony's removed grape soda (now Greg has to drink root beer) and they replaced many non-veg pizzas with veg ones, and decreased the limit of taking napkins from as many as you want to only two, as otherwise, Papa Tony will give dirty looks.


  • In the book Greg and Rowley went to Papa Tony's to make a newspaper headlined "Papa Tony's Pizza Stinks!"
  • On the side of Greg’s newspaper article, there is a Papa Tony's advertisement which made Papa Tony angry as they had put his advertisement next to the article which criticized his restaurant.
  • The name is a reference to the real life restaurant, Papa John's.