Peachy Breeze is an ice cream that only appeared in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth. The motto is "Peachy Breeze is Peachy Keen!". The spokesperson is called the Peachy Breeze Kid.

In the books

It first appears when Greg found a poster for a new spokesperson in the commercials due to the previous one getting older. Greg tries out, but makes a small mistake and fails to be the new spokesperson.

Frank Heffley absolutely hates the Peachy Breeze Kid, and whenever the commercial comes on, he calls Peachy Breeze and tell's them that their commercial is annoying and how he'll never buy any of their products. But, every time he calls them, they send back coupons for free Peachy Breeze ice cream in the mail.

In the end, Scotty Douglas becomes the spokesperson, despite him not even saying the motto right in the auditions.