The Popularity List is a list that contains the students who are popular and unpopular in Westmore Middle School. The 1st spot is the most popular and the 200th or lower is the most unpopular. Greg is the only known person to lose spots, he was on 19th until being beaten by Patty and Fregley, which made him get the 202 spot.


1. Bryce Anderson 

2. Unknown

3. Probably Bryce's Goon 2

4. Holly Hills

5-6. unknown

7. Rowley Jefferson (near the end of the movie)

8 - 18. Unknown

19. Greg Heffley (movie, later on 202 spot after being beaten by Patty and Fregley)

20. Chris Hosey (movie)

21. Chirag Gupta (movie)

22. Jason Brill

23 - 50. Unknown

51.Charlie Davies

52.Greg Heffley (19 in movie, 32 or 33 in the online version.)

52-71. Unknown

72. Later in the movie

73. Ricky Fisher

74-149. Unknown

150. Rowley Jefferson (at first)

151. Lionel James

152. Unknown

153. Preston Mudd (in the movie)

154. Rowley Jefferson (movie only)

155. Rowley Jefferson (154 in movie)

156 - 197. Unknown

198. Darren Walsh (movie only)

199. Unknown, a girl that looked like Holly Hills

200. 200th Position Kid

201. Fregley

202. Greg Heffley (in movie, after being beaten by Fregley and Patty)