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Robert Jefferson

Rob Jefferson

Images rowley's dad

Name Robert Jefferson
Age 60s
Gender Male
Actor Alf Humphreys
Film Appearance? Yes
Online Appearance? Yes
Book Appearance? Yes

"That won't help my investment portfolio!"
Robert gets angry after the investment company he was using went down.

Robert Jefferson is the father of Rowley Jefferson, the husband of Mrs. Jefferson and son of Rowley's Grandfather. He appears as a minor antagonist. He is one of the wealthiest people in Surrey Street, as well as the least respected in his neighborhood. In the movie, he is played by Alf Humphreys. He sometimes doesn't like Greg because one time Greg and Rowley made a secret language but Robert easily cracked the code.


He is an extremely overprotective but well-intentioned parent and won't let Rowley play any video games with the slightest bit of violence or fighting in it, as he sees them as things that could change Rowley into a different person. In Old School, he is seen yelling at Rowley to put a stick down. He won't even let Rowley use the internet. He is extremely rude and cannot accept criticism from people he dislikes, as seen in Dog Days. In the events of Dog Days, it is shown that he can simply restrict people he dislikes from ever entering his country club again if they dare give any type of criticism about him or any of his property. He thinks that Greg is a bad influence on him, and he, in Dog Days, also banned Rowley from seeing Greg for a whole Summer. Even though he keeps telling Rowley to stay away from Greg, his wife however thinks its a good idea for having Greg to accompany Rowley and he even once hired a Cool Brian for Rowley when he broke up with Greg. He also seems to do investment portfolios as shown in The Third Wheel for a company with Dow Jones Industrial Index.


Greg depicts Mr. Robert Jefferson with afro style hair, black shirt, and long pants. In ''Dog Days'', it is shown that he wears pajamas when he is sleeping. He returned in the film version of ''Rodrick Rules'' but has no dialogue. He only appears to pick up Rowley after Rowley had sat on the tin-foil ball covered with toothpicks that Manny made for Greg as a apology gift and after Rowley freaked out from watching the movie The Foot and Greg was forced to apologize to Robert for choosing an "inappropriate" movie.

Appearance in Poptropica

He is shown to have white hair as seen in the movie, but in Wimpy Kid Boardwalk island in Poptropica had shown he has blonde hair,just like his son Rowley and his wife Linda.




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