The Slumber Party Pals is a fictional series of books that appears in Hard Luck.

There are about 100 volumes and Greg has read them all, stating that even though they are meant for girls, they are addictive, and once you read one, you have to read them all. Greg discovered the series during silent reading, when he couldn't find anything else to read. The first thirty editions were good, but Greg believes the later ones weren't so good, as the author started to run out of ideas.

According to Greg, in each volume of Slumber Party Pals, the plot is pretty much the same - the two main characters (Lindsey and an unnamed second girl), always get into fights over something small, then by the end, they cool down and are friends again.

Greg states reading the Slumber Party Pals series is how he knows all about how friendships work with girls.


  • Lindsey - One of the main characters that always gets into fights with her friend.
  • Unnamed girl - Lindsey's friend. The two always fight.
  • Justin - A competitive boy that the unnamed girl and Lindsey both have a crush on.

Known Volumes

There are about 100 volumes of Slumber Party Pals. These are the known editions:

  • #3 - Teamwork! - Appears to be about the two girls babysitting or looking after a newborn baby.
  • #7 - Boyfriend Trouble - The girls presumably fight over a boyfriend, and Lindsey appears to lose.
  • #9Best Frenemies - The girls presumably fall out as usual.
  • #87 - Lindsey Loses a Mitten - Lindsey probably loses her best mittens and probably accuses her friend of stealing them, leading to another fallout.
  • Unknown Volume - The girls fight over purple lip gloss and the unnamed girl accuses Lindsey of stealing it, with Lindsey replying that she only wanted to attract the eyes of Justin at the roller rink. The fight is resolved with the girls hugging it out, Lindsey apologizing for using the lip gloss, and her friend apologizing for kissing Justin, to Lindsey's surprise.      ​


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