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The Spag Union Military Academy[1] was an all-boys military academy that Greg's dad tried to send him to if he did not behave well. Boys could attend Spag Union once they reached middle school age. Greg did not go to Spag Union because during Seth Snella's half-birthday party, Greg saved his dad from having to try to make Seth laugh by doing funny stuff by trying to get Seth's blue blanket back, ending up hanging on the tree and his pants falling down in the process. That accident prevented his dad from having to act in front of Seth, and his dad payed him back with not forcing him to go to Spag Union. It is briefly seen in The Last Straw and mentioned in Dog Days, including the Dog Days movie.


In the movie, Rodrick finds a Spag Union DVD package in the mail. While he and Greg are watching it, its about how they are turning irresponsible boys into men since 1925. The 1st boy got sent there because he was playing video games all the time, even sometimes 2 hours a day, he doesn't plays video games anyomore because there are more adventures to be found in the good book (Mathematics with Calculus, Greg wondering about the book that he is holding). The 2nd boy that he got sent there is from lying to his parents that he sould be studying but he sneak out of his house to the mall so he can hang out with his friends. So now he doesn't lie about where he is anymore because of Spag Union and a Tracking Device on his ankle so his parents know where he is 24/7 (Rodrick crying about the tracking device from sneaking to places just like when he and Greg sneak into the country club). Eventually, Greg's father says he won't send him to Spag Union.


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