Spineticklers is a series of books that appear in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down. It has been read by Greg Heffley and other kids at his school. The author of the book is I.M. Spooky, and there has been at least 97 known books in the franchise, despite the fact I.M. Spooky has written almost 200 books. There is a "Junior" series, which is meant for Kindergarteners, but those books are read by Rowley Jefferson because he is too scared to read the regular/original series. Although, he is still very scared of the "Junior" books, he wrote a letter to I.M. Spooky about how he wanted the latter to make the books way less scary.

It is based on Spine Tinglers by M.T. Coffin.

Known Books In The Series

  • 13 - Zombies For Breakfast
  • 23 - The Brain With A Mind Of It’s Own
  • 48 - Wake Me Up In The Year 3000
  • 67 - My Dentist Is The Devil
  • 71 - Tails, You Lose
  • 97 - My Teacher Is A Cannibal
  • Junior - Scaredy Cat And The Haunted House
    • (Rip-Off) Knee-Knockers - My Brother Is A No-Brainer By M.T. Grave
    • (Rip-Off) Ribtinglers - The Day My Belly Button Tried To Eat Me! By R.U. Scared


  • Spineticklers #48, Wake Me Up In The Year 3000, is a reference to the animated sitcom, Futurama.
  • The Spineticklers series is a reference to  Spine Tinglers (by M.T. Coffin).
  • The logo of the Spineticklers series seemingly has the same design as the one Goosebumps uses.
  • The sensation Spineticklers created is similar to the sensation Underpants Bandits created. The series goes widely popular in the whole school, everyone in Greg's class does I.M. Spooky for the author biography project, and the series nearly gets banned for trying to "promote witchcraft".
  • The Spineticklers series are the only thing keeping Greg’s reading grade up, at the moment.