Name Stevie
Owner Mr. Rose and Mrs. Rose
Species Dog
Gender Male
Status Alive
Actor None
Film Appearance? No
Online Appearance? Yes
Book Appearance? No (Replaced by Princess)

Stevie is the pet dog of Mr. and Mrs. Rose (the Fullers in the book). Greg is tasked with looking after Stevie whilst his owners were away for the summer. However, Stevie refused to go to the bathroom when Greg took him outside, and this lead to Stevie doing it inside when Greg was gone. Greg eventually came up with a strategy. He would wait until the very last day before Mr and Mrs Rose arrived back, and clean up the mess Stevie had accumulated all through the house. However, Mr and Mrs Rose had cut their holiday short and arrived back a day early without Gregs awareness, so none of Stevie's mess had been cleaned up. Stevie is the online counterpart of Princess.


See Also

  • Princess, the replacement of Stevie in Rodrick Rules.

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