The Boardwalk is located at the beach, where Greg Heffley and Rowley, his mother and his father went to in the Dog Days.


Greg and the Jefferson family rent a log-cabin at Quiet Cove, later the next day they arrive here.When arriving, they bought ice-cream cones for four people to share.Greg had thirty-dollars out of which twenty he spent on a game where you had to knock over 5 rows with 4 bottles each with three disks for a giant stuffed caterpillar but Rowley got his father to buy a same exact one from another shop for only ten dollars. Greg found a person selling keychains with a photo in-front of a cardboard cut-out woman for five dollars and Greg had found the same exact thing in Rodrick's room, Greg had posed with the cardboard cut-out when Rowley and his family came into the picture. He spent five dollars to go to the Cranium Shaker which only he went to while Rowley went to little-kid rides. Greg later played an arcade Thunder Volt on which he had the highest score, later he pranked people by putting a dollar note through the hole of the boardwalk plank and whenever somebody would try to take it, he would pull it back in. Later they go back to the cabin.


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