The Brownie
Name Brownie
Age 6-8
Gender Female
Actor None
Film Appearance? No
Online Appearance? No
Book Appearance? Yes

The Brownie is a girl who appeared in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School.

She is one of the Girl Scouts who volunteered at the Town Cleanup. She was in charge of Greg's team who was raking leaves.

Brownie appeared out of nowhere when she caught Greg away from the cleanup and carrying a whistle when she chased Greg, Frew and Billy with the rest of the Girl Scouts.


  • Brownie is the kindergarten Rank of Girl Scouts.
  • The actual definition of Brownie is a Girl Scout aged between 6 and 8 and is named because of the color of their uniform.
  • It is unknown if she did any work at the cleanup, but she was seen using a swing when in charge of Greg's team. This shows that she is most likely the only work she did at the cleanup was to supervise Greg's group.



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