The Heffley's Boat was a mid-sized motorboat owned by the Heffley family. It was bought by Frank. It was later given away to two Spanish people who drove the Heffley family home when their minivan had one of it's tires deflated.

Role in The Long Haul

One day Susan had asked Frank to get some milk. On the way he found somebody selling a boat in his yard, Frank bought the boat and brought it to his driveway. Everybody was surprised and Frank said it was his dream to get a bout and that the family could spend weekends out on the water. Some days later, some people from Homeowners' Association told him it's illegal to park his boat in front of the house, so he moved it to the back. The whole summer it was not used, then in winter, Frank decided not to winterize it as it would cost a lot, and due to the freezing temperature, it made a big crack in the hull. Dad rolled the boat under the back deck and soon it was used to store unused items. In the summer, Frank decided it was time to fix it, but he found a family of Raccoons living in an old washing machine. Dad called the exterminator to get rid of the raccoons, but that cost a lot of money so he decided to take care of it himself. By then Manny had heard about the baby raccoons living in the washing machine, and Mom had to step in. The boat's been sitting there ever since. Later they used the boat to hold their stuff that didn't fit in the van and tow it behind them. When they were coming home from their trip, their van drove over a bottle. Then two Spanish-speaking men helped them get to their home, and Susan gifted them the boat as a "thank-you".