The Neighborhood Tattler (The Neighbourhood Tattler in British English), is a newspaper created by Greg and Rowley. It was only shown and mentioned in Cabin Fever.

Newspaper Sections

Ask Greg

This section featured Greg answering questions sent in by readers. However, Greg and Rowley couldn't get real people to ask questions, so they wrote fake ones. One is about a guy that doesn't wear socks in his slippers and one about ladies asking if Greg was single.


And it also had a comic section with three known comics.    


It's first ever article advertised Greg and Rowley's holiday bazaar and how the other holiday bazzar's employees are ripping people of by selling expensive Drummies.

The latest known article is of Greg revealing that he is the masked do-gooder.

Greg wrote a review criticizing Papa Tony's and how they stopped selling grape soda, you're only allowed to take two napkins and how they replaced many non-veg pizzas with veg pizzas, but an advertisement of Papa Tony was printed right next to it.