The Snurples was a TV Show that Manny watched in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel. The Snurples characters have their own language. Greg and his family can barely understand it while Manny appears to understand it. Manny talks to his family in this language. Susan read in a parenting magazine that The Snurples is not good for little kids as it sets them back in their social skills, this being true as Manny doesn't have a friend except for imaginary friends. However, Manny’s social skills improved, as Mikey was his friend in Hard Luck, implying that he is getting better.

Known Snurples Quotes

  • "Groople blop pop. Bop bop?"
  • "Yop yop!"
  • "Blinkly borp!"
  • "Yorp yorp yorp!"
  • "Splinky splop."
  • "Splop!"
  • "Bloop!"




  • It appears to be a parody of Boohbah, Yo Gabba Gabba, or despite the fact they speak Gibberish, Teletubbies.
  • The Snurples seems to be based on the Sneetches and other stories by Dr. Seuss, because one Snurple has a star and the other doesn't.
  • The fact of the Snurples setting children back in social and language skills was a reference to Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men, which during it's debut in the 50's, was objected by parents because they thought the gibberish language in the show would set children back in skills.