Tingy was the name given to the blanket owned by Manny in The Last Straw. When it was Manny's first birthday, Susan knitted a blue blanket for him. Manny loved it and would take it everywhere and didn't even let anyone take it to wash it. By the time Manny was two, his blanket started getting worn out and it was a just a piece of yarn. Manny then stuck it together with raisins and boogers and when Frank saw it he thought it was disgusting and threw it away, making Manny use his Civil War Battlefield as a playground. When it was Seth Snella's half birthday, Susan knitted a blanket just like Tingy, Manny went to the place where the presents were kept and while digging through them, he found the family's present and opened it and found a blanket and he thought it was a "brand new" Tingy for him, but when Greg came to take it, Manny chucked it  on the top of the branch.


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