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Trevor the Talking Sideburn is a comic by Greg Heffley. The main character is a man named Douglas with a sideburn named Trevor who can talk and often gets Douglas in trouble by what he says.

The Comic

Douglas is encountered by a man with a dog who asks him the way to the park. Before Douglas could reply, Trevor tells the man that he looks just like his dog, causing the man to get angry. Douglas says he takes back the words. Trevor, adding to that, says that his dog is much better looking than him. The man, in anger, beats up Douglas. Douglas then finds a barber shop. He goes inside and asks the barber to shave off his sideburn, but Trevor says that he, on a second thought, wants his arms broken. The barber, listening to the demand, breaks both of his arms. Douglas gets upset because now he can't shave his sideburn.

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