Kindergarten Girl 1
Name Unspecified
Age 6 or 7
Gender Female
Actor Kinua McWatt
Film Appearance? Yes
Online Appearance? No
Book Appearance? Yes

This girl was a Kindergarten student during Greg's sixth grade who appeared in the movie version of the first book. She was part of the group of Kindergartners who were assisted by Greg and Rowley to walk to their homes. Before she was being escorted, she asked Mr. Winsky why Greg didn't look happy because he didn't answer. When Greg and Rowley saw the teenagers from Halloween they told the girl and her classmates to line up including themselves so the teenagers wouldn't notice.

On March, Greg (alone without Rowley) terrorizes the girl and her classmates about man-eating space monsters and was pushed into a construction ditch because the teenager's car was coming (which was actually another person). She was later seen by Mrs. Irvine when she was checking on what Greg (thought he was Rowley) was doing. When Rowley becomes accused, the girl got confused by his apology. It is unknown if she told her parents the real story of what happened like one of her classmates had.


The girl had dark brown hair, light skin, and wore a purple coat.



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