• Bubby324

    My website

    July 31, 2015 by Bubby324

    − Well, that's all I can say for someone like Lilly. Just because she was angry at Mia for not being a better friend to her doesn't mean SHE has to make a website called http:/ like that. It's very mean and is under the rule of betraying a princess. −

    That's why I made this website. So that Lilly will realize what she did wrong and relent it to Mia and both of them will realize their dumb mistake.

    − Who votes for this meanie that she is a meanie? I do, my club do, even my caretakers do agree. Anyone who makes a poll will get a coupon for editing my profile.− At least...− Well, at least they came back together and realized their carelessness and stupidity.--Don't ask me how


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  • Bubby324

    Oh No!

    April 16, 2015 by Bubby324

    I know this is none of my business, but many people got a great number of badges! Please don't disable them! Everyone will be disapointed too. Now I know why I didn't get the "Hooked Up" badge.

    Please, we beg you, we want the badges back. We even promise not to be bad and all the bad stuff we are warned for. Please, it's just a request, for our sake of fun?

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  • Bubby324

    Gregory Heffley

    April 14, 2015 by Bubby324

    Greg Heffley is my favourite character. I chose him because is the main character, a wimp (like me, at least a little), and the funniest one in Diary of a Wimpy Kid. My favourite appearance of Greg is when he appeared in Dog Days. I like the part where Sweetie chews up the dinner steak, and the part when Greg goes to the beach in Rowley's car and they sing, "Five Hundred gallons of milk" on the way.

    Greg may be a wimp, and all, but he garantees a 76% wimpy ideas, especially with his wimpified  journals. I don't say I take it seriously that he really does have a journal (thats a rumour) but I'm saying too, own, a journal, but my naughty part of my class (The Morning Morons-hee hee hee!!)

    Poor Greg with his troubles- the Wimpy Kid Of The Year …

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  • Bubby324

    That you want to express your favourite character? If you want to, put a discussion with that character's name and post it! People will get to know! Speaking of which,

    I will make a discussion and wait to see who votes! Let's see YOURS!

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