The Reason

Greg Heffley is my favourite character. I chose him because is the main character, a wimp (like me, at least a little), and the funniest one in Diary of a Wimpy Kid. My favourite appearance of Greg is when he appeared in Dog Days. I like the part where Sweetie chews up the dinner steak, and the part when Greg goes to the beach in Rowley's car and they sing, "Five Hundred gallons of milk" on the way.

Help for Greg from his fans

Greg may be a wimp, and all, but he garantees a 76% wimpy ideas, especially with his wimpified  journals. I don't say I take it seriously that he really does have a journal (thats a rumour) but I'm saying too, own, a journal, but my naughty part of my class (The Morning Morons-hee hee hee!!)

Poor Greg with his troubles- the Wimpy Kid Of The Year is: Gregory Heffley!


The Wimpy Kid!!