What's my reason for this website?

− Well, that's all I can say for someone like Lilly. Just because she was angry at Mia for not being a better friend to her doesn't mean SHE has to make a website called http:/ like that. It's very mean and is under the rule of betraying a princess. −

That's why I made this website. So that Lilly will realize what she did wrong and relent it to Mia and both of them will realize their dumb mistake.

Who Votes that Lilly is a meanie?

− Who votes for this meanie that she is a meanie? I do, my club do, even my caretakers do agree. Anyone who makes a poll will get a coupon for editing my profile.− At least...− Well, at least they came back together and realized their carelessness and stupidity.--Don't ask me how