'Hi I'm Greg and i love to go on imaginary adventures but today its not imaginary.I'm going to go to the mesterious island and at the mesterious island things that are usally big r small and things that r usally small r huge.So this island is like nothing else and i get to go there tomorrow.I heard of it last summer last summer was the worst year ever.I had to go to summer school and everyone picked on me.So this summer its going to be totally diffrent.I just ccant wait well im going to bed goodnight.6 hours later time to go to the air port.The only bad part is that Rodrick is coming.While were on the plane i had to sit by Rodrick and every time i fell asleep he would wake me up.When we finnaly got there he just started to stop waking me up.So then they got there and the first thing i saw was a gigantic bee.And i screamed.Everyone laughed but mostly Rodrick.U no Rodrick.Well we walked and was lots of things like a small elephant and while they were at the island they found a tresure and that tresure was a tresure chest with crowns and pricles jewelerey.THE END'

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