• Hadiclank

    Greg Heffley is a very impulsive and a brain-hatching character and plays as the main role in both the book and film of "The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid" itself. In fact, he can get very arrogant and jealous throughout some point in the series. He shows this arrogance when he mentions in the film "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" that Rowley Jefferson's favorite role model, Joshie is meant to be for eight years old whereas in in the book "Ugly Truth", he mentions that it was meant for six year olds.

    He is also quite guillible as he had mistaken Rowley for Holly Hills in a love note towards the end of the book "The Last Truth". I tend to believe that in the book, he is very 'less-motivated' and is not the attention-grabber you expected to be as in both film…

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  • Hadiclank


    June 25, 2012 by Hadiclank

    Hey, Guys. You may wonder why there's a new editor in town! Yep, you're right. But I'm fact, I'm not new technically. I joined the Wikia since early 2009 and I just started my first day on this wiki today. I'm actually hitting my growth spurt pretty fast; same as Greg Heffley and we're probably around the same age.

    Thanks for reading and I hope to have a great time, full of inspiration and enthusiasm!

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