Many people want to get to higher ranks. But sometimes I think people should use ranks on this wiki by frederalism. If an Admin blocks somebody, there should be a poll to see if he should be blocked or not. If the poll says he should'nt be blocked, his/her blockage time will be canceled. If a bureaucrat takes an Admin's rank away, there should be a poll that should saying should his/her rank should be given back. But I think there should be a " Super Rank". This rank is basically like the President. For Instance, somebody TOTALLY vandalises a page, and yet the poll somehow says that person shouldn't be blocked (Somebody could hack) the rank guy should reject it. (And you can call it whatever you want ) And since Zooper1 isn't visiting this wiki it makes sense. Only people ranked on the top five can get it, and every year there will be a poll to decide who. I do not know about your opinion, and this is just a concept.

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