Ok sorry for that over reacting but there have been over 20 YES I COUNTED! OVER 20 spam blogs. Saying "I like tacos" and "Hi im new!" and stuff like that. All I have to say is.....



STOP! Try and make blogs 3 SENTENCES! New people I can understand but users making 2 or 3 blogs that are only like 3 words NEED TO LEARN.... NOTHING HAPPEND WHEN YOU HAVE THE MOST BADGE POINTS!

If this continues WE WILL REMOVE BADGES!!!! If you want to keep badges then DONT SPAM BLOGS! If you spam blogs it just becomes harder on you. It will be harder for you to get admin. SO just stop!

THANKS FOR UNDERSTANIDNG!!!!!---zzzzzz OH WHAT? You want to talk to me? What ever... (Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wiki ADMIN) 23:23, March 24, 2011 (UTC)

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